Long Term Disability Insurance

Financial protection – even for the long – term

If an illness or an accident keeps you from working for a long time, it’s a relief to have a financial safety net to rely on. Bills still need to be paid. You may even have extra expenses to cope with during an illness. Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance is there to catch you.

LTD insurance helps if:

  • you have a mortgage to pay
  • your family couldn’t manage without your income
  • you have elderly parents who depend on you financially
  • you are a single parent
  • you would have to tap into your savings to pay day-to-day expenses
  • you would have to stop saving for your retirement or your children’s education

How does LTD Insurance make a difference?

Watch this video to learn about the important role it played in Mark’s life as he recovered from a serious illness.

Why choose LTD Insurance?

  • Savings on the insurance you need, thanks to group pricing
  • You choose a 30-90- or 180-day elimination period. The longer the waiting period, the lower your premium.

You're eligible if you are:

  • a member in good standing with your association, working an average of at least 18 hours a week,
  • between the ages of 18 and 65 (coverage ends on member’s 65th birthday minus the elimination period), and
  • a resident of Canada.

How much coverage can you apply for?

  • Coverage ranges from $1,000 to the maximum of $5,000 (based on your net annual earned income per month), in units of $100

Use the table below to find your annual income and the corresponding maximum monthly benefit.

Income ratio guide

Annual income Monthly benefit amount
$12,000 - $14,999 $500
$15,000 - $17,999 $900
$18,000 - $23,999 $1,100
$24,000 - $30,999 $1,400
$31,000 - $35,999 $1,700
$36,000 - $44,999 $2,000
$45,000 - $59,999 $2,400
$60,000 - $71,999 $3,000
$72,000 - $83,999 $3,400
$84,000 - $95,999 $3,800
$96,000 - $109,999 $4,200
$110,000 - $119,999 $4,600
$120,000 - $129,999 $4,800
$130,000 + $5,000

Extra advantages

  • Disappearing premiums if you’re totally disabled1 before you turn 652 and your claim is approved  
  • Help getting back to work with a potential work re-entry benefit
  • Includes a residual benefit payment for up to 24 months if you're only able to return to work part-time. Potential partial benefit when you re-start work3
  • Payments restart if the same disability or related disability returns within 6 months
  • Cost of Living Adjustment to keep your benefits in step with inflation (up to 5%) until age 63. The cost is added to your premium 

What's the cost?

Our rate sheets can provide you with a quick estimate.

Find out more

Read the full descriptions, limitations and any exclusions in your plan brochure.

Coverage ends:

On the Insured’s 65th birthday, minus the elimination period. Also if the member is no longer receiving appropriate medical treatment and is no longer totally disabled.

Take these three steps to apply:

Medical underwriting is required


No benefits are payable for claims resulting directly or indirectly from any of the following:

  • self-inflicted injury  regardless of whether the Insured has the ability to form the requisite intent or regardless of whether the Insured has a mental illness such that the Insured does not know or understand the consequences of the Insured’s actions
  • voluntary participation in a riot or act of civil disobedience
  • declared or undeclared war, insurrection or rebellion
  • during any period of imprisonment
  • committing or attempting to commit a criminal offense
  • normal pregnancy and/or childbirth
  • travel or flight in any aircraft if the Insured has any duties on or related to such aircraft or flight, or if the Insured is flying in the course of any aviation training, instruction, testing or armed manoeuvres

This website is intended only as an outline of the insurance policy, which is available upon request. The complete terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations governing the insurance coverage are found in the group insurance policy issued by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada. The  policy can be obtained by calling Sun Life at 1-800-669-7921 Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET or emailing servicecsc@sunlife.com.

1 Totally disabled: During the elimination period and for the first 24 months, you are considered totally disabled if sickness or injury prevents you from performing the essential duties of your regular occupation, you are under the regular care of a physician and you are not gainfully employed elsewhere except as allowed under the work re-entry program.

After 24 months, you are considered totally disabled if illness or injury prevents you from working at any occupation (this definition changes if you purchase the own occupation rider) for which you are qualified by education, training or experience, you are under the regular care of a physician and are not gainfully employed elsewhere except as permitted under the work re-entry program.

If you’re totally disabled for a full 90 days before age 65 and receiving LTD benefits, you don’t have to pay LTD premiums if you remain totally disabled.

3 You may qualify for a partial benefit if, right after a period of total disability where you were receiving benefits, you start working and a physician monitors your medical progress. Sun Life must approve your partial benefit.


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