Everything you need to grow - all in one place. Access more than 100 videos, articles, guides and tools to help build your practice on all levels. Stay ahead of industry disruption and turn prospects into clients for life.

Business building

Access proven practices of leading advisors, manage your business and wrap your arms around clients to run and grow your practice.

Proven Practices of Leading Advisors

Become a leading advisor by adopting proven practices meant to benefit your business and improve clients’ experience using research from Environics.

Advisor Business Planning

Steer your business forward by creating a strong foundation for growth.

Client Management

The success of your business hinges on your ability to build lasting relationships. Be strategic about the service you provide in order to delight your top Clients.

Succession Planning

Your practice is your legacy. Use our powerful tools to help you develop a clear roadmap for transitioning your advisory practice, choosing a successor, and assessing your readiness for retirement.

Marketing yourself

Carve out your niche. Attract your ideal Clients by showing them what makes you stand out.

Defining your Brand

Differentiate yourself by highlighting your unique value and characteristics.

Marketing Planning

Attract prospects and wrap your arms around clients through a strategic approach to marketing.

Social media

Use the power of social media to increase exposure, stand out, and connect with clients and prospects.

Video Marketing

Gain a competitive edge, by highlighting your greatest marketing asset – you.

Connecting through Webinars and Seminars

Build your reputation as a trusted source for information through hosting value-add Client seminars – either in-person or online!

Advice and Stewardship 

Deliver engaging advice and stewardship to solidify prospects and Clients as Clients for life.

Intergenerational Wealth Planning

Learn how to start tough conversations about legacy planning with Clients, and their loved ones, and help them achieve successful wealth transfers.

Advice for Life

You are in the business of building trust. Showcase your value, create meaningful conversations and develop long-term relationships with your Clients by utilizing these tools and resources.

Aging and Incapacity

Learn to recognize the signs of cognitive decline, prepare for Client incapacity, and protect Clients, yourself and your business.

Engaging Women

Learn how to engage women, understand their unique financial concerns, and tailor your communications to build long-term relationships.

Working with Millennials

Learn how to adapt and embrace this emerging market in order to attract, engage and retain the next generation of investors and the future of wealth.

Mental Health

Mental health and financial health go hand in hand. Learn how to support yourself, your team and your Clients by spotting the signs, speaking up and knowing where to direct Clients for additional support.

Client Videos

Videos on key financial topics and strategies that can be easily shared with your Clients, prospects, and centers of influence.

Professional insights

Elevate your practice by expanding your technical knowledge. Learn innovative concepts.

Working with Business Owners

Insurance is an asset, not an expense. Understand the opportunity of working with business owners. Learn how to hold the right conversation, using targeted strategies that best fit the needs of this segment.


A thought leadership series developed by our Professional Insights team. Concise and insightful, it challenges you to rethink contemporary industry topics and set yourself apart as an advisor.

Industry Insights

An insightful collection of quarterly reports that focus on key market trends, industry analysis, dynamics and issues. Helping you stay current and adding continued value to your practice.

Life insurance and the wealthy

Insurance can help preserve affluent lifestyles. It’s time to put to rest the common misconception that the wealthy don’t need insurance.

Voice of the Advisor

Voice of the Advisor is an insight community for advisors to influence solutions and experiences that matter to their business. Join workshops, studies and the forum to have your say and collaborate with Sun Life.

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