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Rediscover SunUniversalLife II - the solution as unique as the Client in front of you.

SunUniversalLife II offers choice, flexibility and guarantees to help Clients customize coverage to their needs. Grow your business by helping the Client in front of you – from millennials to business owners. Every time.
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Discover the appeal of:

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6 COI, 5 death benefit and 21 investment account options, plus 9 optional benefits.

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Clients can tailor payments to their cash flow, pay the cost of insurance or overfund a policy for tax-preferred savings.

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Guaranteed COI rates. Guaranteed cash value option. Guaranteed never negative with the par-like Sun Life Diversified Account.

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A better Client experience

Exceptional sales support for you and leading underwriting at older ages for Clients.

SunUniversalLife II. Universal appeal.

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