Safeguard your investments while building your savings with Sun Protect GIF.

Benefits of Sun Protect GIF

100% maturity guarantee available

We guarantee 100% of the deposits you make in the first year. We offer a 75% maturity guarantee on deposits you make after the first anniversary date.*

100% death benefit guarantee

When you die, we’ll pay your beneficiary a death benefit that is the greater of the death benefit guarantee (100% of deposits) or the current market value.**

Diverse leading fund companies

Choose from a broad selection of industry-leading funds. Make the most of the investment expertise of leading global portfolio managers.

* You can request to reset your maturity guarantee up to 4 times per year until age 80. Withdrawals reduce your guarantees. Refer to the Sun Protect GIF Information Folder and Contract for a complete description of the maturity guarantee.

** Withdrawals reduce your guarantees.