Clients can safeguard what they have today and grow their savings for tomorrow with Sun Protect GIF.

Benefits of Sun Protect GIF

100% maturity guarantee available1

Deposits made in the first year before the contract anniversary date are 100% guaranteed. Deposits made on or after the first anniversary date have a 75% maturity guarantee. The maturity benefit date is 15 years from the initial deposit or most recent reset date. At the end of the 15-year period, the contract may be renewed and 100% maturity guarantee benefit will apply to deposits made in the first year after the reset or renewal.2

100% death benefit guarantee1

The death benefit paid is 100% of deposits and is the greater of the death benefit guarantee or the current market value upon the death of the annuitant.

Guarantee resets

The maturity guarantee can be reset up to four times per calendar year up to age 80, allowing Clients to lock-in market growth. The death benefit guarantee is automatically reset annually up to age 80 if the market value increases.

Diverse leading fund companies

Clients can hold up to 100% in equity funds and choose from a broad selection of industry leading funds. They also benefit from the investment expertise of leading global portfolio managers.

Start the conversation

Talk to Clients about their savings and retirement goals. Then explain how Sun Protect GIF can help them reach those goals, with potentially the highest level of guarantees available.3

Talking points

  • Sun Protect GIF can safeguard your investments and help you save toward a particular long-term goal.
  • Sun Protect GIF lets you invest confidently knowing you're protected with guarantees.
  • Sun Protect GIF paves the way for you to reach your destination and secure your savings.
  • Financial decisions don't have to be overwhelming. With Sun Protect GIF and my guidance along the way, you can follow a path toward lifetime financial security.

Recommending a solution to Clients

While Clients want growth in their investments, they're also concerned about market volatility. For an advisor, balancing these concerns can be challenging. Sun Protect GIF helps you show Clients how they can benefit from equity growth with the protection of principal guarantees.

Life stage need Sun Protect GIF
Building for the future - I want to grow and protect my savings and investments.
  • Allows their savings to grow throughout their working years
  • Offers 100% maturity and death benefit guarantee
  • Has the diversity of funds to benefit from leading global portfolio managers
  • Control over their legacy
Getting ready for retirement - I have a specific investment timeline or goal in mind.
In retirement - I'm retired (semi-retired). My savings, investments and pension(s) cover my basic lifestyle needs.
Legacy - I want reassurance that the beneficiaries I've chosen will receive my assets.

1 Withdrawals affect the value of contract guarantees.

2 Maturity guarantee reduces to 75% if at the time of renewal, there are less than 15 years until contract maturity.

3 See the information folder and contract for details on the guarantees available. Any amount that is allocated to a segregated fund is invested at the risk of the contract owner and may increase or decrease in value.