You may be saving up for a retirement that’s several or just a few years away. But what happens if you’re forced to retire sooner than you expected?

Wayne, a Sun Life Client, understands this situation all too well. A few years before he planned to retire, the company where he worked for 37 years announced bankruptcy.

“At the time, I was 57 years old and I didn’t plan on retiring,” he says. “But going back into the workforce wasn’t something I was interested in doing either.”

3 common reasons people retire early

Sudden retirement can happen for a few reasons:

What’s the best way to deal with early retirement?

The answer: Having a plan before it happens. 

Planning during your working years can help during stressful times like early retirement. And the best way to plan is with the help of an advisor.

How can an advisor help you prepare for retirement?

Having the right advisor on your side means you have someone to help you:

  • make well-informed decisions,
  • build a plan that meets your short- and long-term goals, and
  • feel assured in times of uncertainty, knowing you've taken steps to prepare.

Luckily, Wayne had been working with Sun Life Financial advisor Sara Zollo before his sudden job loss. Her advice made all the difference.

“We sat down with Sara. She ran a financial history to see if I could retire with the finances I had,” he explains. “While we weren’t planning for it, she showed us that I could retire. And it was because of all the planning we did with her.”

Watch Wayne as he reflects back on his unexpected early retirement and how working with a great advisor helped. 

Getting professional help from an advisor

Are you thinking of working with an advisor? You can meet with several before choosing one you feel you can trust. Most advisors now offer to meet with Clients virtually. Connect with an advisor today.

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