How many people in your life have had cancer?

That’s the first question on It’s My Life!, an interactive cancer prevention tool from the Canadian Cancer Society that will help you learn about cancer risk factors and take action to reduce them.

According to the Cancer Society, research shows that around half of all types of cancer are in fact preventable, but many Canadians don’t know what they can do to prevent it; the tool was designed to fill this information gap.

Visitors to the site are asked questions about their lifestyle and, based on the answers they give, are provided with tips for reducing their risk. Then they’re encouraged to pledge lifestyle changes and share their pledges on social media.

“There is a lot of cancer information online, but not all of it is credible,” says Dr. Rob Nuttall of the Cancer Society. “It’s My Life! provides evidence-based information about various risk factors and cancer prevention in one convenient place. It is supported by the most recent Canadian statistics about cancer and health behaviour, making it the first Canadian tool of its kind.”