With the holiday season underway, you’re probably on the lookout for gifts. Perhaps you’re shopping for your family and friends. Or maybe you’re thinking about treating yourself. Whoever you’re shopping for, you’ll want to look for gifts that are great in value. But you also want to get things that come of great use in the New Year – especially as everyone kicks off their healthy resolutions and goals.

Here are ten stellar gift ideas featured on Lumino Health that will give everyone on your list a wonderful health boost.

1. Eco-friendly beauty boxes

Know someone who loves to stay on top of their skincare routine? They’re probably very careful about what ingredients go into the products they buy. We get that. Many of us pay attention to the ingredients in our food. So why not do the same to the products we put on our face and body? That’s why more and more companies are promoting clean, eco-friendly items. For example, the Think Dirty app offers the ultimate clean beauty box. Each set comes with 8-10 highly-rated, luxury beauty items like face masks, deodorants and cleansers.

But the app itself is amazing on its own. The Think Dirty app allows users to learn about the ingredients – some of which may be difficult to pronounce, let alone understand – in their beauty, personal care and household products. All you have to do is scan the product’s barcode or search for it in the app. The app will then give you easy-to-understand info on the product and its ingredients. It’ll even provide cleaner options if the product you’re currently using contains too many toxic ingredients.

2. Electric toothbrushes for cleaner teeth

Taking better care of your teeth could mean one less trip to the dentist’s office. (Or at least, a less painful and expensive one.) That’s partly why more people are swapping manual toothbrushes for electric ones. Many dentists recommend them to their clients. Why? For starters, most electric toothbrushes have rotating heads to help remove plaque. They also have pressure sensors to stop you from brushing too hard. Some even come with deep cleansing settings and brush heads designed for specific issues like gum care.

What’s more, some of the latest electronic brushes work with an accompanying app and provide real-time feedback. This means the app can help guide you through your brushing session and alert you of any missed spots.

Some electric brushes even come with travel cases. This can make it a great gift for people who travel regularly and want to keep their teeth in shape on-the-go.

3. Blender, food processor and slow-cooker hybrids for foodies

Not sure whether to get the foodie in your shopping list a new high-speed blender, food processor or slow cooker? You might consider going for a three-in-one deal. These multi-cookers claim to work like a personal sous-chef. They blend, crush and chop your veggies and fruits. But they can also cook, steam, heat and stir various dishes like risottos, pastas, soups and fish fillets.

They do take up counter space. However, if they save you time in the kitchen or money you might have otherwise spent dining out, then it’s probably worth it. It’s a helpful gift for anyone who makes healthy make-ahead meals throughout the week. Or, for those who want to whip up a healthy meal without so much prep work. 

4. Workplace exercise programs to up your fitness game

Despite the health hazards of sitting, it’s not always easy to be more active or ditch the chair. It’s particularly difficult if you need to work at a desk for most of the day. You could try to commit to a gym membership. But why not find more convenient ways to make time for exercise while you’re at work? There’s no shortage of online and mobile fitness tools that aim to get you moving on the job. For a monthly or annual subscription fee, programs like Seven Movements offer guided exercises you can do anywhere, anytime. You can even exercise at your desk, in your work clothes and without any equipment – and in less than 10 minutes. That sounds far more manageable than trying to cram gym time into your demanding schedule.  

5. Gadgets to improve your posture

Speaking of desk jobs, sitting all day can be a pain in the neck … as well as your shoulders, upper back, lower back and just about everywhere else. Show your fellow office dweller that you’ve got their back with a gift that can help improve posture and alleviate pain from too much sitting. Wearable gadgets like Adrenalease and UPRIGHT provide real-time feedback to help train your muscles to correct your body’s alignment.

6. Tools to stay on track of your healthy habits

You probably know a few people who have resolutions to stick to healthier habits in the New Year. So hook them up with the right tools to make it happen. For example, Klikkit’s smart button and accompanying app work in tandem to help its users stick to healthy habits. Here’s how it works. Klikkit users can attach their smart button to any object linked to a healthy habit – a water bottle, exercise mat, etc. They can then click on the button every time they perform their habit. Their progress is then logged into Klikkit’s app. So, let’s say your goal is to up your water intake, but you always forget. Klikkit’s button will set off an alert and the app will send you a reminder notification to drink more water.

7. Sleep earbuds and headphones for a good night’s rest

It’s less about noise-cancelling and more about noise-masking. If you didn’t already know, there are now sleep earbuds and headphones in the market. Visibly sleek, these gadgets can tune out annoying night noise like snoring, traffic and other sleep distractions. They replace those noises with soothing sounds to lull you into a good night’s sleep.

A set of sleep earbuds might be the perfect gift for a friend who has trouble sleeping. Or, it may be a nice treat for yourself if you have a snoring partner keeping you up at night.

8. Snoring solutions to sleep better

Does your partner snore? If you’re not interested in wearing earbuds to bed, then here’s another snoring solution. The Smart Nora is a gift that can improve sleep health for both you and your partner. It’s a contact-free device that you tuck inside your pillow. When it detects the sound of snoring, it starts gently moving the pillow to stimulate the throat muscles and allow natural breathing rhythms to resume.

9. Therapeutic massages to reduce stress

A good therapeutic massage can help calm your mind and body. It can also help lower your stress levels. That said, it’s not always easy to book time to get a massage. In some cases, you have to make an appointment weeks in advance. And even making the appointment can be a hassle. You may end up cancelling the appointment due to unexpected emergencies that come up at home or at work. Luckily, you can now have a registered massage therapist (RMT) come directly to you.

Massago, Canada’s highest rated RMT app, is an on-demand mobile service that brings the therapist to you – at home or in the office – within the same day. Say you have a friend who needs to de-stress. Or maybe you need a little self-care. Treat them or yourself to a relaxing massage from an expert.

10. Smart speakers to manage your physical, mental and financial health

Want to give the gift that does it all? Digital assistants like Google Home and Alexa can do so much more than just tell you the time, date and weather. Today’s voice-activated helpers support all aspects of your health by providing:

  • guided workouts,
  • relaxation techniques,
  • nutritional stats,
  • info on the best-rated health-care providers and
  • the latest news on stock prices and market trends.

They also come in handy for at-home emergencies. Let’s say you’ve slipped in the tub or you smell smoke, but you can’t reach your phone. You can easily ask Google or Alexa to call a trusted person on your contacts list. The person you’ve contacted can then call for help.