Sun Life Health – FAQs

We’ve created Sun Life Health by bringing Lumino Health and our Group Benefits business together. If you’re curious about this, you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions below. We’ll keep adding to this page as new questions come up. 

Will this change affect my Group Benefits coverage?

No. Everything from what your plan covers, to how you make your claims will stay the same. 

Can I still use Lumino Health?

Yes. Nothing about Lumino Health is changing. You can still read and learn about how to live healthy. You can still search for health care providers that are right for you. 

How do I connect with Sun Life Health?

We’re just getting started with Sun Life Health. For now, everything on the websites or apps you use will stay as it is. All the phone numbers you use to connect with us will stay the same. 

As Lumino Health and Group Benefits come together, you’ll see new innovations and the name Sun Life Health more often. 

Why are you creating Sun Life Health?

Group Benefits and Lumino Health are both health-focused businesses that complement each other. They truly belong as one. Group Benefits offers a suite of products and solutions to help employers protect the physical, mental and financial health of their employees. Lumino has the tools and information to raise health awareness and navigate prevention options.

Our Group Benefits and Lumino Health businesses have played a critical role in supporting our Clients in living healthier lives. We want to take this to the next level empowering Canadians to take action earlier, helping them prevent and mitigate health risks.