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SunAdvantage™ my savings

SunAdvantageTM my savings is designed for small businesses. It offers tax-efficient savings opportunities for employees, with the simplicity, level of service and support small business employers need to ensure that there's little time needed to administer the plan. Employees gain a convenient savings program they need while small business employers’ gain a key competitive advantage in terms of attracting and retaining talent.

Key features of the plan:


There are no employer costs to establishing SunAdvantage my savings and plan administration fees are built into the management fees for each fund option.

Hassle-free administration

The plan is fully supported by Sun Life Financial, from recordkeeping to reporting to investment oversight, so your administration time is kept to a minimum.

Competitive fees – with access to top investment managers

SunAdvantage my savings provides employees with a full range of investments from a variety of top fund managers, with several funds that are only available to Sun Life clients.

Support and resources

SunAdvantage my savings provides a competitive advantage for small businesses. Access guides, forms and other resources, specific to your interests.

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