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COVID-19 has changed the everyday lives of Canadians and people all around the world. One thing that will not change is our commitment to your health and financial well-being. Here are the resources we have available to help you.

  • Will the COVID-19 vaccine affect my life insurance policy or workplace benefits?

    No. The COVID-19 vaccine will not affect your current life or health insurance policies. It will also have no impact on your ability to apply for future coverage with Sun Life.

    We're supportive of the government-approved vaccines to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. And we continue to follow guidance from the Canadian government. 

We’re financially strong

At Sun Life, we have a healthy level of capital to meet our financial commitments to Clients.

Here’s how Sun Life’s financial strength is rated as a company and what you can expect from us.

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Your Money

From income support to changes in your investments, we’ve gathered information to help you manage your money and maintain your financial health. 

Has COVID-19 affected your income or ability to work? 

Need help keeping your finances on track?

Is your business facing challenges due to COVID-19? 

Protect yourself from COVID-19 scams that ask you to share your personal information.

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Helpful resources:

Your Health

You don’t have to deal with life’s uncertainties and the stress or anxiety it causes on your own. We’re here for you with mental-health resources that fit your needs. We’ll also show you how you can get the most of virtual healthcare.

Download the Government of Canada’s free COVID Alert app.

  • How does the app work? It uses Bluetooth on your phone to get a list of random codes from people nearby who’ve tested positive for COVID-19.
  • What happens if the app finds codes that match? Then it notifies you that you've been exposed and explains what to do next.

Feeling anxious about the third wave of COVID-19? Here’s how to cope.

Need help managing your mental health during this emotional time? 

Kick-start your health journey with Lumino’s Health and Wellness Guides.

  • Virtual care is becoming the new norm for health care.  Learn how to access it and get the most of your virtual visits with the Virtual Care Guide.
  • Stay healthy while staying home.  Find out how you and your family can maintain a healthy lifestyle in a quarantined world with the Healthy at Home Guide.

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Your Insurance

Insurance can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones are financially secure.

Life insurance:

  • We’ll pay claims when death is due to COVID-19. 

Out-of-Country Travel insurance:

  • Our Extended Health Care (EHC) travel benefit includes Out of Country (OOC) coverage.
  • The OOC benefit includes coverage in the event of epidemics or pandemics. So you’ll remain covered for COVID-19 and any other out-of-country medical emergencies. For more information, click here.

Critical illness insurance (CII):

  • CII covers critical illnesses such as heart attack or stroke. COVID-19 is not a covered illness. We’ll continue to cover Clients who suffer a covered critical illness after contracting COVID-19.  

Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI): 

  • We’ll continue to pay claims for Clients who meet the requirements in their policy.  

Personal Health, Insurance Personal Health Direct, My Health Choice and Health Coverage Choice:

  • You can submit your claims as usual or give us a call at 1-800-361-6212. For more information, click here.

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  • Need to defer your insurance premium payments? 
    • Please speak with your advisor or contact us at 1-877-SUN-LIFE (1-877-786-5433) to see how we can help you.

Helpful resources:

Your Account

You may have had to change the way you live or work. We’ve had to do the same. Most of our advisors and employees are now working from home. But we’re still here to answer your questions and process your transactions or claims as soon as we get them. 

You can:

  • Connect with a Sun Life Financial advisor virtually and securely. 
    From video chat to paperless interactions, we’ve adapted so you can take action now. Learn more here.

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