Logan Kowalchuk

Logan Kowalchuk

Role: Associate Director, Adjustable Products Valuation

Department: Asset Liability Management

Location: Waterloo, ON

Institution / specialization / degree type: University of Alberta / Actuarial Science with a minor in Business / BSc

Graduation year: 2012

How did you end up becoming an actuary at Sun Life?

I’m not sure how many Grade 8 students want to grow up to be an actuary, but I was one of them. I joined Sun Life shortly after graduating from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor’s degree in actuarial science. Initially, I started as a co-op and was able to turn that opportunity into a full-time position. I decided to pursue my career as an actuary at Sun Life because of the growth opportunities through the actuarial rotation program, Sun Life’s reputation as a great place to work because of the culture and collaborative environment and the opportunity to do work that has an impact in the real world.

Have you enjoyed your experience working at Sun Life?

It’s been very enjoyable. In my various roles at Sun Life, I’ve had numerous opportunities to grow and develop my skills. I’ve been exposed to many different areas, like Canadian Asset Liability Method Valuation and Asset Liability Management Hedging, and I’ve had the opportunity to solve different problems every day. This has allowed me to develop a broad skill set, and work with a diverse group of people very early in my career. I have also been able to present recommendations to senior management. These projects not only gave me an opportunity to accelerate my leadership and presentation skills, but also allowed me to put my recommendations into use, resulting in direct, positive impacts to Sun Life’s business results. Examples like this show me that my work has an actual impact in the real world.

Sun Life has lived up to its reputation as a great place to work. What I feel distinguishes Sun Life from other companies is its culture and its people. I can’t say enough about what it means to be a part of the Sun Life high-performance culture or how supportive and helpful the people at Sun Life are. If I ever have a question or am not entirely certain of something, I can always approach any of my colleagues and talk through my ideas. It’s remarkable being in an environment where I get the opportunity to collaborate with high performers as well as feel like an important member of the team. Sun Life has fostered an environment where I consistently feel challenged but always supported.