New “Healthy Brains at Work” research report sponsored by Sun Life issued today

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A new research report, sponsored by Sun Life Financial, was released today by The Conference Board of Canada. This is the first of a four part series for Healthy Brains at Work—a research study that draws insights from employers across Canada and focuses on the employer’s role in helping to address mental health. This study examines the position, effectiveness and potential impact of employer-sponsored mental health benefits and programs, particularly as they relate to depression.

The first briefing, Healthy Brains at Work—The Footprint of Mental Health Conditions, provides a profile of mental health and mental illness in Canada, including a detailed look at the prevalence of mental illness in the employed population. This brief integrates various data and literature to understand the footprint of mental health conditions, specifically focusing on employed Canadians. The brief highlights and explores the following key points:

  • Although research, campaigns and other activities in Canada have helped raise awareness and knowledge of mental health and mental illness, less is known if these efforts have had an impact, especially for working Canadians.
  • The proposition that mental health disorders are generally more prevalent in the workplace than in the general population.
  • Employers increasingly have access to effective resources and tools to help address mental health and illness in their workplace, including the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.
  • Little is known about the extent to which employers use these resources and provide access to evidence based programs, therapies, resources and training to foster good mental health for their employees in order to address mental illness in their workplace.

This report will be available in English only at this time. The executive summary will be available in English and French.

Click here to directly access your complimentary copy of the first report, including the executive summary in English, and the executive summary in French. When opening the document, you will find the executive summary in French on pages A-D, followed by the English report on page 1.

The second briefing, Healthy Brain Supports in the Workplace, Recommendations and Access, will be released in three phases in 2015:
  1. Employer Programs (to be released at the Conference Board's Workplace Wellness and Mental Health Conference, June 2- 3, in Toronto);
  2. Role of the Manager (expected publication date June 11); and
  3. Workplace Culture (expected publication date September 3).

The third and fourth briefings, Impact of Workplace Mental Health Benefits and Programs and Creating the Conditions that Support Healthy Brains at Work will be published and available on The Conference Board’s website in September and October 2015, respectively. As a lead sponsor of the Healthy Brains at Work research study, Sun Life can provide complimentary copies of these reports as they become available.

Sun Life is excited for the potential benefits that these research findings will have on all Canadian workplaces. As an organization committed to effective and innovative solutions for workplace mental health, Sun Life is proud to support these and other important initiatives.


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