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Sun Life is excited to launch its newest Bright Paper: Make the link – healthy lifestyles and mental health, a resource that explores the powerful connection between positive lifestyle changes and improved mental health.

Delivering on our promise to share insights with you, Sun Life's Bright Papers are a fresh, innovative and creative way to engage your employees. These papers combine research and analysis to provide employers such as yourself with the knowledge you need to support a healthy and productive workplace.

A compelling case

Numbers don’t lie: with over 500,000 Canadians missing work each week with mental health issues[1], it is crucial that employers actively support the mental health of their workforce. An often overlooked opportunity is the significant, positive impact that healthy lifestyles can have on mental health – and employers are ideally positioned to support positive change among their employees. Make the link – healthy lifestyles and mental health explores the impact of lifestyle changes in five key areas: exercise, nutrition, relationships, relaxation and volunteerism. Taking action doesn’t have to be complicated. As you’ll see throughout the paper, making a difference can be as simple as a workplace health challenge, hosting education sessions, or starting a peer support program. The good news is: you’re not alone and we can help you implement these solutions.

In addition to supporting optimal workplace productivity, fostering healthy lifestyle changes among employees can also help organizations meet the voluntary National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in Workplace — Developed by the Canadian Standards Association and supported by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, the Standard is a set of guidelines, tools and resources focused on promoting employees’ psychological health and preventing psychological harm due to workplace factors[2].

Access the Bright Paper and other related resources

Here are a few ways to access our latest Bright Paper and other resources that Sun Life has created for your convenience:

  1. Click on this direct link to read and share this Bright Paper with other people leaders.
  2. Visit Sun Life’s Health and Wellness website which offers a variety of resources as well as 3rd party research on health and wellness.
  3. Visit Sun Life’s Workplace Mental Health page which shares various resources, insights and expertise on a multitude of topics pertaining to mental health.
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We strongly believe in the rewards of employee health and have been working hard creating resources for your employees. Look out for continuing developments in upcoming Focus Updates!


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[1] Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, “Mental Health and Addiction: Facts and Statistics” 2015.