Sun Life Financial Healthcare Funding Guides – Who pays for Healthcare?


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The 2013 Sun Life Canadian Health Index found that too many Canadians underestimate out-of-pocket health costs. The recently released 2014 Sun Life Canadian Health Index continues to confirm this.

In response to this, Sun Life Financial has developed guides for each province that will make it easier for our plan sponsors and plan members to better understand the coverages that government and employer health plans offer.

The guides outline some of the coverage options, personal costs and other key considerations for six common health events and services: disability, home care, long term (nursing home) care, palliative (end-of-life) care, prescription drugs and travel emergency medical.

The guides are practical, informative and easily accessible, embedded with web links to other authoritative websites for more detail and the latest updates. They are also easy to share on social media and via email.

The guides can be accessed by visiting


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