Launching this week: my Sun Life Mobile with photo submission and more


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As we communicated earlier, plan members will be able to submit a range of claim documents through my Sun Life Mobile – and it’s as simple as snapping a photo. This enhancement is available as of this week.

With over one million claims already submitted through my Sun Life Mobile, we know that plan members love the ease and convenience of this app. And we’re making it even easier by enabling them to submit even more types of claims on their smartphones.

Photo Submission and other enhancements – starting with Apple devices

1. Photo submission is available on Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. In the fall, we’ll release additional enhancements, and will make all of the new features available on Android devices.

The photo submission functionality will not be available on our web app at, although plan members will continue to enjoy conveniences such as fast and easy claims submission and much more.

2. To improve our plan member engagement, further enhancements to the mobile app will introduce the “my notifications” messaging area on the Main Menu page. The message centre will show messages, ranging from fund updates to offers available through their workplace plan. From the main menu, plan members can easily see how many unread messages are waiting for them.

We had previously noted, the “my notifications” messaging area would be available for all mobile devices, however, it will be available for Apple devices only at this time.

Contextual messaging – available on Apple, Android and BlackBerry devices

We are also launching a contextual message zone on select secure screens throughout the app. We can provide information about additional reminders or offers that are relevant to what the plan member is doing on the app. For example, if a plan member is able to make a mobile lump-sum contribution, we will include a reminder to do so on the “my balances” screen and provide direct link to that screen.

The introduction of the “my notification” section and contextual messaging zones will enhance interactions with plan members and allow for more fine-tuned, higher impact offers relevant to them.


This helpful flyer has more details on photo submission. Share it with your plan members today!


Contact your Sun Life Financial group benefits representative.

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