Sun Life Health and Wellness – new resources available!


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Sun Life is delighted to launch a new set of resources designed to help support your workplace health and wellness goals.

When it comes to health and wellness, we understand that finding the right action plan or selecting the most effective programs can be difficult. Sun Life offers health and wellness services to help employers take a strategic and proactive approach to organizational health. Here are two new resources at your disposal:

  • New Health and Wellness brochurethe new Health and Wellness brochure provides an overview of services to help your business achieve optimal productivity with an effective wellness program that fosters a strong culture of organizational health.
  • – new web page that includes a variety of resources and focuses on how you can take a strategic approach to workplace health and wellness.

We strongly believe in the rewards of employee wellness, as well as the value of supporting a strong culture of organizational health. Look out for continuing developments and new resources in upcoming Focus Updates!


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