Sun Life’s latest Bright Paper is a reminder that plan members need to “Take their pills” as prescribed


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Through the thought leadership of Sun Life’s “The Conversation,” we’ve spoken to experts and have done our research on the benefits of sticking to a prescribed drug regimen. Our latest Bright Paper, “Take your pills - Gaining the benefits of improved drug adherence,” shares those findings with you and talks about encouraging adherence and how it can benefit plan sponsors. And, it includes practical tips on how plan sponsors can encourage improved adherence among their plan members.

Sticking to the plan

Many drug plans are affected by coverage provided for chronic care. A plan member missing a few treatments now and then may seem like a reprieve to the bottom line, but non-adherence can actually increase long-term costs because these conditions are not being properly treated and managed.

Helping your plan members

This Bright Paper has a special tear-out section for you to share with your plan members.  Sharing some facts and tips, it covers the reasons why it is important to complete treatments and how to make the process easier to remember. 

Read the Bright Paper here.

The Conversation

At Sun Life, we know that it takes many voices to have a great conversation.  By using our resources, expertise and relationships, we facilitate the dialogue between subject matter experts, visionaries and leaders to bring together the best thinking in Group Benefits.  It is the power of great minds like these that guide us in our exploration and research in areas like mental health to bring you the latest information to help you make the best choices for your organization.

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1 Adherence to long-term therapies, Evidence for Action, World Health Organization, 2003