Target diabetes in the workplace with Sun Life HealthyFOCUS program


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Help your employees take charge of their health before it takes charge of them with the Sun Life HealthyFOCUS programs

More than half (53%) the workforce in Canada has at least one chronic disease;[1] a reality that affects disability claims, absences, and presenteeism.  While you likely want to support employee health and wellness and protect your organization from conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and mental illness, we know that it can be daunting to develop and implement an effective, easy-to-manage plan of action. 

Sun Life’s Health and Wellness solutions help you take a strategic and proactive approach to employee health.  Earlier this year, we launched the Sun Life HealthySTART program to help you assess the risks in your workplace and build your wellness strategy.  Now, we are bringing you the Sun Life HealthyFOCUS programs - ready-to-launch wellness programs that will help you address the top health risks facing your employees. 

Launched this week, the first Sun Life HealthyFOCUS program targets the risk of diabetes in the workplace.

How the Sun Life HealthyFOCUS diabetes program can help

The Sun Life HealthyFOCUS diabetes program is a ready-to-launch wellness program that will help you take targeted action on the risk of diabetes in your workplace. It is ideal for employers who want to target this disease and for those who know that diabetes risk factors are a concern in their workplace.

Included in the program: 

1. Three ready-to-launch health promotion and awareness initiatives

    1. Health screening clinic with Canadian Diabetes Risk (CANRISK) Questionnaire
    2. Whole health challenge
    3. Education sessions on nutrition and physical activity

2. Program project management

3. Initiative promotions and communications

4. Initiative reports and final results presentation

The Sun Life HealthyFOCUS diabetes program aims to have an impact on all employees, no matter what their state of health. And our focus on measurement will enable you to see the results of your efforts and investment.   

Why take action on diabetes 

In the recent Bright Paper,  Diabetes: an action plan for employers, we explored how the global diabetes epidemic is taking a devastating toll on Canadian employers and provided some specific actions you can take to help reduce the risk for your employees. Consider the following:

  • One in four Canadians has diabetes or pre-diabetes, and this number is estimated to climb to one in three by 2020[2]
  • Over half of all new cases of diabetes arise in people of working age.[3]
  • A person with diabetes can face direct costs for medication and diabetes supplies from $1,000 to $15,000 per year – costs generally covered by employer healthcare plans[4]

Contact us today to learn how you can incorporate this program in your employee health strategy – and stay tuned for more Sun Life HealthyFOCUS programs coming in 2015!                                              


Please contact your Client Service Administrator at 1-877-786-7227.


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