Sun Life’s latest Bright Paper about workplace mental health reminds you that “a little training goes a long way”


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Sun Life Group Benefits is continuing its efforts to lead innovation in our industry via our thought leadership platform, “The Conversation.” Our latest Bright Paper, “Mental health in the workplace – a little training goes a long way” explores the benefits of mental health training for managers.

As an answer to the question “where do I start?” when it comes to improving mental health in the workplace, this Bright Paper highlights mental health training for managers as an effective first step.

Managers are ideally situated to be the first responders in helping employees who are experiencing mental health issues. With the right type of training, managers can be equipped to:

  1. Recognize the potential signs of employee mental health problems
  2. Address mental health issues within a workplace context
  3. Provide employees with support and referral to workplace resources

Recent research by St. Mary’s University in 2013 has demonstrated the potential for mental health training to impact a plan sponsor’s bottom line.

“One year post training, disability costs related to mental health were 20% lower in the organizations studied, with the duration of mental health related disability claims decreasing by 27%, or up to 19 days per claim.”1

Read the Bright Paper here.  You can also find a copy our mental health microsite – along with other Sun Life supported research – at

The Conversation

At Sun Life, we know that it takes many voices to have a great conversation.  By using our resources, expertise and relationships, we facilitate the dialogue between subject matter experts, visionaries and leaders to bring together the best thinking in Group Benefits.  It is the power of great minds like these that guide us in our exploration and research in areas like mental health to bring you the latest information to help you make the best choices for your organization.

1 Dimoff/Kelloway 2013

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