Powerful anti-fraud technology


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You already know that your benefits plan is a valuable asset that needs protection from the risk of fraud. Did you know that you now have more help on your side to reduce the risk?

Technology at the forefront

Stuart Monteith, Senior Vice President of Group Benefits at Sun Life has been extensively quoted in the June 2015 Technology issue of Benefits Canada. The article, “It’s more common than you think. The impact of technology on benefits fraud and what you can do about it” addresses fraud schemes and how insurers now have better technology to analyze claims data and uncover patterns or anomalies. Read the article.

The Benefits Canada article addresses the powerful technology that can seriously mitigate loss due to fraud. And, in some circumstances, it means that benefits fraud can be stopped before it even has an opportunity to occur!

Change the game

Benefits Fraud: an “intelligent” response, a Sun Life fraud article, was shared with our Client Partnership Council in May 2015.  Authored by Gary Askin, AVP of Fraud Risk Management, also with quotes from Stuart Monteith, focuses on the need for more than traditional, reactive investigations. Gary has helped Sun Life institute a new approach and response to benefits fraud with an intelligence-led anti-fraud strategy. We believe it’s the first of its kind in the Canadian insurance industry.  Based on the adoption of leading law enforcement techniques and applying them to the health care benefits fraud arena, it’s proving to be a game changer.


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