Service provider delisting and change


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We recently sent you a Focus Update about Sun Life’s process for delisting healthcare service providers, clinics, facilities or medical suppliers (all referred to as “provider” below) from claims processing.  This communication provides you with important information about changes to this process.

IMPORTANT:  Our previous delisted provider communications to you and your plan members included the identification of the providers within each communication.  As we continue to delist providers, we will continue to inform you in a timely way; however, our communication will not include the identity of the newly delisted providers.  This means that the next time you receive a communication about newly delisted providers, you’ll be referred to so that you and your plan members can view the updated list.

For any administrators who don’t have access to the password protected site, the list of providers is also available within the secure Plan Sponsor Services site.

Service provider delisting update

On April 23, 2015 we updated our delisted providers list. Your plan members will no longer be reimbursed for any claims or services from these providers. To view the providers, please log in to your own password protected site through to view the identity of the providers.

Plan member communication

We prepared the attached plan member communication that we recommend you share with plan members. It contains a link to, so your plan members can go to their password protected page to view the newly updated list of delisted providers.

Why Sun Life made the decision to delist

Sun Life is committed to providing effective claims management services to plan sponsors and plan members to ensure we pay for eligible claims only.


Contact your Sun Life Financial group benefits representative.