Upgrades to software and Sun Life Direct mean greater convenience at the dental office.


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Sun Life plan members can now enjoy greater convenience at the dental office with the introduction of online dental pre-determinations.  In addition, plan members can now have their second payer coordination of benefits claim submitted by their dental provider. 


Plan members are encouraged to have their dentist send a pre-determination (or estimate) for any major dental work. A pre-determination lets plan members know what will be covered by their benefits plan.

Currently, when a dental office sends a pre-determination, the response gets sent to the plan member. Now, dental pre-determination results will be sent to the dental office with a copy to the plan member. This is easier for the plan member as they are not responsible for contacting the dental office with the result.

Second payer coordination of benefits

After a dentist has submitted a claim through the primary benefit plan, and Sun Life is the second payer, the dentist will now be able to submit to Sun Life online. This means that the plan member can leave the dental office knowing that their claim has been submitted to Sun Life and processing is underway.

Moving the second payer co-ordination of benefits online means a better service experience for plan members by streamlining the claim submission process.  Plan members no longer have to manage the paperwork to submit their coordination of benefits claim. This also supports Sun Life’s commitment to developing paperless business practices.                                           


Please contact your Client Service Administrator at 1-877-786-7227.