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Managing your money

July 18, 2017

Real client stories: Jeff (Video)

In the first of a series of videos in which real Sun Life clients talk about how good financial advice is making their lives brighter, we meet Jeff.

Meet Jeff, a real Sun Life client who’s nearing retirement. Jeff has worked with a financial advisor for many years. “30 years ago we figured it was time to put some kind of financial plan in place,” he says. “I like the personal touch — it’s almost like having a friend coming over and talking to you and advising you.”

Jeff appreciates the help he’s getting. “I don’t have time to look after my portfolio,” he says. “I need somebody who’s an expert in that.”

He explains why it’s important to have a plan: “All you hear these days is that basically, people don’t start planning for retirement or are so far in debt they don’t have any money to put away, and you figure, what’s going to happen when you retire?”

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