Coverage for the 4 leading health risks

SunSpectrum Basic Critical Illness Insurance provides simple critical illness insurance covering 4 of the leading health risks facing Canadians – cancer, stroke, heart attack and coronary artery bypass surgery. Coverage is available in amounts of $50,000 to $500,000 for the lesser of 25 years or to age 65.

The policy automatically includes a return of premium on death benefit for single life policies and waiver of premiums after first death benefit for joint life policies. There is also an optional disability waiver of premium benefit.

You should consider this product if:

  • You want basic critical illness protection
  • You are between age 18 and 50 and looking for coverage only for a period of 25 years or until age 65 (whichever is less) but don’t need coverage for your entire lifetime
  • You’re interested in joint coverage for yourself and your partner in life or business

Plan details:

Illnesses covered

There are 4 full-payout illnesses:

Additional illnesses covered

There are no additional illnesses covered in this plan. Partial-benefit-payout illnesses or childhood illnesses are available with Sun Critical Illness Insurance.

Available plans

  • 25-year term policy (T25)
    • Available for ages 18 to 40
    • Choice of single life or joint coverage
  • Term to age 65
    • Available for ages 41 to 50
    • Choice of single life or joint coverage

Coverage amounts

  • $50,000 to $500,000

Additional benefits

These benefits are available at no extra cost:

This is a built-in benefit that is automatically included in the single-life policy. It is not available on joint-life policies.

If the insured person dies while your policy is in effect and no claim has been made, the beneficiary will receive 100% of the returnable premiums paid into the policy.

The returnable premium amount is the total of all premiums paid for this policy minus any unpaid premiums plus interest.

This is a built-in benefit that is included in joint-life policies only.

If one of the insured people dies while the policy is in effect, the surviving insured may request to have the premiums waived. This means the coverage stays in effect but no more premium payments are needed.

Optional benefits

This benefit can be added to enhance your plan at an additional cost:

If the insured person becomes totally disabled (as defined in the policy) for a minimum of 6 months, we will waive the premium payments for the duration of the disability. Coverage remains in place.

Cost of this plan

Varies with gender, age, smoking status, medical history and other factors.

Sample policies

Read examples of text that can appear in a policy. Not all the provisions apply to every policy – it is simply for your reference. When we issue a policy it governs the legal relationship between us and the client. An actual policy can have provisions that are somewhat different from those that you've read here.

 SunSpectrum Basic Critical Illness Insurance (single)

 SunSpectrum Basic Critical Illness Insurance (joint)

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