A Choices plan member story

The following is based on an actual customer's experience

The scenario

  • Name: Ron
  • Situation: Wanted to transfer his investments
  • Investment knowledge: Average

To simplify his finances, Ron wanted to consolidate his assets so he decided to transfer his money from his Group Choices plan to another financial institution. Crist, a Financial Services Consultant1 at Sun Life, called Ron to review his transfer request.

Crist was happy to help Ron with this transfer but also wanted to let Ron know about the unique benefits of being a Choices member. One of the benefits – and it’s a significant one – is low fund management fees. Crist explained,

“As a Choices member, you benefit from management fees that can be up to 13% lower than similar funds with the top five Canadian banks.2 The less you pay in fees, the more money you have invested.”

Ron started reconsidering his transfer request and his doubt was amplified when he learned that his portfolio had an average rate of return of 12.1%3. Ron laughed and said,

“a 12% rate of return is good to me.4

But Ron wasn’t totally convinced that the Group Choices plan was best for him. When he explained that he wasn’t an aggressive  investor, Crist explained that he was Ron’s personal contact at Sun Life. Ron could call or email him whenever he needed guidance and help with his investment decisions. “My goal is to help you achieve as much as you possibly can.”

Ron started to think that perhaps he should leave his assets in the Group Choices plan so Crist suggested that Ron take some time to think about his options.

Two months later Ron called Crist. He had looked further into moving his assets from his Choices plan and decided that it wasn’t the best action to take. In fact, he was going to move all his other assets to Sun Life. And, because he was so impressed by what his Choices plan offered, he wanted Crist to send enrollment forms to Ron’s wife so she could set up an account and transfer her assets to Sun Life as well.

Ron was extremely happy that he had taken the time to speak with Crist. He was also really pleased that he learned more about the advantages of his Group Choices plan.

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