Extended Health Care Insurance for Retirees

Your retiring or terminating employees can maintain their health care coverage with My Health CHOICE - Extended Health Care Insurance. You can provide this valuable voluntary insurance benefit to those employees leaving your group plan for whatever reason.

Help alleviate the concerns of your retiring or terminating employees. Providing them with access to this benefit can help make the transition easier, whether they’re retiring or just moving out of your group plan for any reason.


They can enroll for coverage, without having to submit proof of good health, within 60 days of their group coverage ending. There’s no need for a medical exam, and no appointment is necessary. 

Who’s eligible?
Coverage is available to retiring or terminating employees who are Canadian residents age 18 to 74 (coverage is renewable for customers ages 75 and over). These employees can add their spouse and dependent children to their policy, if they were also covered under the employee’s previous group benefits plan.

Your employees can choose between the Standard and Enhanced coverage options. Compare them here

How much does it cost and how do employees get it?
Getting a quote or enrolling is easy. Employees can request product details, a quote and apply for coverage with one simple phone call. One of our representatives can take care of an employee’s application over the phone at 1 877 893-9893, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

What can we offer you?
We have a team dedicated to supporting your voluntary benefits needs. We’ll provide you with communication support required to help educate your members on the available coverage.

Please contact Voluntary benefits or more information about My Health CHOICE - Extended Health Care Insurance.