Contract change to reflect legislative amendment – effective March 1, 2015


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Recent amendments to The Insurance Act in Manitoba will come into force on March 1, 2015 – and, as a result of this, we’ll be modifying one of the clauses included in employee benefits booklets.

While the change in legislation applies only to insured plans in Manitoba, we are taking this opportunity to amend the employee benefits booklets for all of our insured plans to provide greater clarity and consistency.

Here is an overview of the amendment to the employee benefits booklet.

Rights to copies of documents

One legislative change requires insurers to provide plan members living in Manitoba with better access to documents and information about their contract and their coverage. 

Back in July 2012, a similar legislative change made to the Insurance Acts in both Alberta and British Columbia came into force. At that time, a new clause describing the right to receive copies of documents for insured plan members living in Alberta and British Columbia was added to employee benefits booklets. Effective March 1, 2015, we will amend the clause by removing the reference to Alberta and British Columbia, allowing plan members from all provinces to obtain copies of the documents specified below.

We are making this change in anticipation of similar changes expected in other provinces.        

For all insured plans, the following clause will be added to the General Information section of the employee benefits booklet:

Accessing your records

For insured benefits, you may obtain copies of the following documents:

  • your enrollment form or application for insurance;
  • any written statements or other record not otherwise part of the application that you provided to Sun Life as evidence of insurability.

For insured benefits, on reasonable notice, you may also request a copy of the contract. The first copy will be provided at no cost to you but a fee may be charged for subsequent copies.   All requests for copies of documents should be directed to one of the following sources:

  • our Sun Life Financial Plan Member Services website at
  • our Sun Life Financial Customer Care centre by calling toll-free at 1-800-361-6212 

Actions required:

  1. Keep a record of changes:  This Focus Update serves as an amendment to your employee benefits booklet effective March 1, 2015. Please file this notice with your Sun Life group contract for future reference. The next time you amend your benefits plan, the updated wording will be included in your employee benefits booklet.
  2. Communicate with plan members:  To help your plan members better understand this change, we have prepared a communication for you to share with them. In addition, please ensure, if you have not already done so, that all plan members have a copy of their employee benefits booklet.


Please contact your Sun Life Financial group benefits representative.