Updated enrolment form now available


PDF Version

Sun Life has just updated its plan member enrolment form. The most current version is now available on our public and password protected websites.

What’s different

The updated enrolment form now includes sections to enter plan member email address and banking information.  Please note that the updated version of this online form can also be filled out and saved.

Here’s where you can access the updated enrolment form.

Why the enrolment form was updated

In July 2012, Sun Life sent you a communication about our new e-Payment Standard. E-Payment means that instead of receiving a cheque in the mail, direct deposit (by EFT) of the plan members’ health or dental claims payment will be a standard part of our market-leading claims service experience. An email alert will be sent to plan members letting them know that their e-claims statements are available on mysunlife.ca. The updated enrolment form simply helps to ease the way to the paperless experience.


Please contact your Sun Life Financial group benefits representative.