Sun Life’s New Short-Term Disability Claim Assessment Summary


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Sun Life is proud to announce a new Claim Assessment Summary for our plan sponsors with Short-Term Disability (STD) benefits.

We listened to you

Changes to our correspondence are based on feedback from our Customer Loyalty Index (CLI) and conversations with plan sponsors following a successful five-week pilot that began in late November 2012. 

This new process will provide clearer information to plan members, as well as provide plan sponsors with a Claim Assessment Summary for all new claim decisions and key decision points in the claim. This Claim Assessment Summary will replace the copy of the plan member letter that STD plan sponsors currently receive.

What does the Claim Assessment Summary provide? 

  • More targeted information for plan sponsors. This one-page document provides critical information so you don’t have to read through a copy of an entire letter searching for relevant information.   
  • Clear information on next case management actions. A dedicated section outlines follow-up actions for abilities case managers, plan members, and plan sponsors.
  • Reassurance that the plan member’s private medical information will not be included in the correspondence provided to plan sponsors. 
  • Improved timeliness. Information will be e-mailed unless otherwise specified by you.

What does the new summary look like?

Take a peek at an example of the new summary format.  We’ve created a flyer to show you what it will look like and to introduce you to the new layout.

What plan sponsor pilot participants said about the Claim Assessment Summary

  • The information provided is more targeted to their needs.
  • It reduces the number of e-mails that need to be sent to gather information that isn’t usually provided in the copy of the plan member letter.
  • Plan Sponsors are in favor of receiving the Claim Assessment Summary instead of a copy of the plan member letter.
  • It makes their job easier.

Who will receive the Claim Assessment Summary?

The new Claim Assessment Summary will support plan sponsors who have Short-Term Disability, Salary Continuance Full Case Management, and Disability Administrative Services with Sun Life.

Long-Term Disability clients will be introduced to the Claim Assessment Summary in a future release. We will communicate with you when that happens.

When will you start receiving these new summaries?

Beginning late February, abilities case managers will begin sending Claim Assessment Summaries to plan sponsors instead of copies of plan member letters.

Other tools available to you

The new Claim Assessment Summary is meant to complement Sun Life’s Group Benefits Absence and Disability Online Services tool.  You can read more about that tool here.


Contact your Sun Life Financial group benefits representative.