Sun Life joins with Homewood to help tackle mental health and addiction related disability claims


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  • Homewood Disability Treatment Program (HDTP) focuses on returning employees to work from the very start.

  • Referral model ensures smooth start to your relationship with Homewood and enables cases with best chance of resolution to be identified early.

  • Timely treatment can mean a faster return to work – a critical factor in managing a disability claim.

  • Best suited to employers with 2000 or more employees.

Working with the best to bring you the best

Sun Life is committed to bringing you the best products and services to help your business. Sometimes this means we join with the top experts in their field to bring you the strongest solutions on the market today.

We are now delighted to announce that we have formed a strategic alliance with Homewood, well respected leaders in mental health and addiction treatment. This alliance means that Sun Life can refer plan sponsors to Homewood that gives them access to nationally recognized treatment for mental health and addiction disability cases through the HDTP.

This collaboration brings together Sun Life’s and Homewood’s shared commitment to helping employees affected by mental health and addiction issues get back to health and work readiness sooner.  The program focusses on applying the best, most appropriate treatment at the right time to get optimal results to positively impact both employee health and your bottom line.

What are the benefits of the program?

  • Reduced cost of disability claims through earlier absence resolution.
  • Improved plan member experience with access to appropriate treatment and support.
  • Improved overall productivity through early and sustainable return to health and work readiness.

Who is it available to?

The HDTP is best suited to employers with around 2000 or more employees. Accessing the program through referral by Sun Life ensures a more holistic and integrated case management approach for clients with at least one disability product with Sun Life. Your Sun Life representative can discuss whether the Homewood Program is right for you and will help you complete the simple referral process.

If you are concerned about the cost of mental health in your organization, talk to your Sun Life representative to discuss if the Homewood Disability Treatment Program is right for you.

More information

  • Q&A below.
  • Download the Homewood Disability Treatment Program information sheet.


Q&A: Homewood Disability Treatment Program (HDTP)   

Q1: Why is it so important to deal with mental health problems?

A: Mental health issues are top of mind for many Canadian businesses due to the negative impact they can have in the workplace. They are the leading cause of disability in Canada and it is estimated that one in five Canadians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime.

Q2: What are the benefits of HDTP to you as a plan sponsor?

A: The program is a sustainable and cost effective return to work solution that is designed to reduce the duration of disability and associated costs.

In addition to the financial value, the program can also help with:

  • Improved employee performance and productivity
  • Lower recruitment, retention and retraining costs
  • Reduced potential for relapse and re-occurrence

Q3: What are the benefits for the plan member?

A: Plan members will receive timely access to treatment through Homewood’s multi-disciplinary mental health professionals designed to focus on helping them get back to health and work readiness–whether through in- or out-patient care.

Q4: Who has access to the program?

A: The program is available to plan sponsors with at least one group disability product or service with Sun Life (ex. Salary Continuance, STD, or LTD).  The program is available to both insured and self-insured plans and is best suited to employers with 2000 or more employees.

Q5: What is the cost?

A: The costs are based on the unique program requirements of each plan sponsor, as well as the forecasted number of cases expected in the program.

Q6: What kinds of cases would get referred to Homewood?

A: This program is designed for mental health issues that have an optimal chance of resolution and return to work, while balancing the cost of the program. Each case is assessed using a set of referral criteria developed by Homewood and the plan sponsor and reviewed by Sun Life. Typical issues include anxiety, depression, substance abuse and dependence.

Q7.  What are the benefits of accessing the program through Sun Life versus directly with Homewood?

A. Sun Life has experience working with Homewood and both organizations have collaborated to design assessment and referral criteria that will ensure the right claims are referred. Access through Sun Life ensures a more holistic case management approach as well as referrals based on expected optimal outcomes. 

Q8: Why did Sun Life chose to work with Homewood?

A: Homewood is a well-respected expert in the field of mental health in Canada with incomparable national reach, and a program that has a critical emphasis on addressing underlying mental health issues affecting health and work readiness.  


Please contact your Sun Life Financial group benefits representative.