Sun Life Direct – business as usual for your plan members with new dental provider web portal


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In June, we launched Sun Life Direct, a new web portal for dental providers as a better way for them to connect with Sun Life. As you know, Sun Life is committed to becoming paperless, and part of this new portal is a switch to direct deposit payments from Sun Life to dental providers who accept assigned claims. This means we can make reimbursements faster and greener by eliminating the need to print paper cheques. 

This switch to direct deposit payment is between Sun Life and the dental provider and should not change your plan members’ experience at their dental offices.


While many dental providers have welcomed Sun Life Direct, a minority of dental offices has misunderstood the features of the website or decided not to accept direct deposit. In some instances, this means they are currently not accepting assignment. In the few cases where this is occurring, it means that dental providers are requiring dental services to be paid upfront by the plan member; the plan memberis then reimbursed by Sun Life. 

In addition, dental providers often call Sun Life for high level coverage information such as whether a patient is covered by the plan or if a service is eligible on that day. Some providers have incorrectly understood that there is a change to the information that is available to them. This misunderstanding may result in your plan members being told that this change in providing coverage information online affects them – this is not the case. The only difference is that the information is moving online versus on the telephone. There is no more or less information available to dental providers through our new Sun Life Direct website.

During the development of Sun Life Direct, the project team consulted the Canadian Dental Association and the provincial dental associations. We continue to work with these associations to resolve these issues quickly. We would like to reassure you and your plan members that the changes are between Sun Life and the dental provider, and we do not expect them to impact your plan members’ dental claims and payment reimbursement.


Please contact your Sun Life group benefits representative.