Spring your wellness program forward with HealthyRETURNS Heart Smart Clinics!


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HealthyRETURNS Heart Smart Clinics, Sun Life’s Cardiovascular screening clinics, are an integral part of any strategic wellness program.  Clinics bring immediate awareness to existing cardiovascular health risks and provide a valuable forum for employees to ask questions of a certified health professional in a comfortable, confidential setting. 

We offer two Heart Smart Clinic options to meet your organization’s unique needs and budget:

  • Option One - blood pressure, total cholesterol, casual glucose, body fat percentage, body mass index and waist circumference
  • Option Two - blood pressure, total cholesterol, and casual glucose

Conducted by certified health professionals, these confidential onsite 10 to 15 minute screening clinics provide an opportunity for participants to identify heart health risks they might not otherwise be aware of. They are also an excellent opportunity for metric collection and cost avoidance calculation, and allow Sun Life to measure and assess personal health for the presence of risk factors that may lead to future health problems.

Heart Smart Clinics are expertly managed end-to-end by our Health & Wellness Team at Sun Life and supported by best practice communications, effective clinic set-up, registration, administration and reporting. 


For questions regarding HealthyRETURNS Heart Smart Clinics or how your organization can embark on a strategic approach to wellness, please contact Brad Totten at brad.totten@sunlife.com or by phone at 416-408-8493.  You can also contact your Group Benefits Account Executive for additional information on the full suite of HealthyRETURNS products.