Simply Covered: involve, interact, inform


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Sun Life is pleased to announce the launch of Simply Covered*, a great new learning tool in the form of an engaging, interactive microsite for your plan members.

About Simply Covered 

The Simply Covered microsite ( was primarily created to meet two of your key needs:

1.   To help your plan members learn about the true value of their benefits plan while enhancing their understanding and appreciation of it.

2.   To create plan member awareness of the roles they play in helping to ensure benefits plan sustainability (e.g. consumerism).

The website was first piloted with Sun Life’s own Canadian staff plan to great success. In fact, 24% of plan members surveyed advised that the microsite made them feel more satisfied with their Sun Life benefits plan.

While the Simply Covered microsite is generic in design – it provides enough key benefits information to be generally useful for your plan members to learn more about health care benefits. Its success is attributed to its simple, engaging and interactive content, including the use of videos, real plan member testimonials and challenges and quizzes to test plan members’ knowledge about benefits plans.

The value of benefits

All main health care benefits are covered in the microsite – medical, dental, disability, critical illness, Life, AD&D – as well as our online wellness centre.  This website is great for you to use to complement and enhance your benefits plan communications (e.g., link to the microsite within your emails or intranets ).

Plan member communication

We have prepared a communication about the Simply Covered microsite for you to share with your plan members.


Please contact your Sun Life Financial group benefits representative.


*Please note:  For plan members who use Internet Explorer to access the Simply Covered microsite, version 8 or newer is required.