Kinesiology practice in Ontario

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Updates to the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 in Ontario may affect group benefit plans that include coverage for kinesiologist services.


The practice of kinesiology is now a regulated profession in Ontario beginning on April 1, 2013, under the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 and the Kinesiology Act, 2007 and supporting Regulation.  The College of Kinesiologists of Ontario, the regulatory body for this profession, has been working to develop regulations and standards of practice in the province.

The College is in the process of preparing a list of licensed practitioners who will be recognized as meeting the new regulatory requirements.

Since the initial list of qualified practitioners will not be complete until later in the year, there will be a transition period for how we recognize kinesiologist  practitioners. For now, there will be no changes in how we process kinesiology claims.  However, once the list of regulated practitioners is published, only those kinesiologists who appear on the list will be considered eligible providers for claims reimbursement in Ontario.  Even though past claims from a kinesiologist may have been covered, future claims from the same practitioner will be declined if the kinesiologist is not registered and on the list issued by the College.

Share with your plan members

We have prepared a communication to share with your plan members. If your group benefit plan includes coverage for kinesiologist services, it will likely be affected by these updates. 


Contact your Sun Life Financial group benefits representative.