Group Benefits termination package now easily available


PDF Version

The Group Benefits termination package, which includes material about the conversion option for Life Insurance and the My CHOICE Plan, is now easier to access and distribute to plan members leaving your plan.

As the plan sponsor, you are responsible for notifying eligible plan members of their right to apply to convert their Life coverage to an individual insurance policy.  Depending on their previous coverage before termination, they may also be eligible to convert their healthcare benefits coverage. This is important information, which is why we have taken these steps to improve its availability.

When a plan administrator is signed into the Sun Life Financial Plan Sponsor Services website to process the termination of a plan member, a new link will now be available. Clicking this will give you the option to download the benefits termination package electronically. After completing the 'Insurance options for plan members on termination of group benefits' form (which can be found in the termination package), you can then forward this important information to the terminating plan member. 

Sun Life My CHOICE Plans

The benefits termination package includes the Sun Life My CHOICE Plan package which speaks of a suite of products designed to provide terminating and retiring members with a holistic approach to servicing convertible/portable benefits. The application process is simple – the terminating or retiring member can simply call Sun Life and their application for coverage will be handled over the phone by one of our customer service specialists.

What’s new on the Plan Sponsor Services website?

New Link

As part of the termination process, a link now appears titled “Download termination package” once the termination administration is complete.  If the termination code entered is “Deceased” or “Entered in Error” the system will not display the link as it will not be necessary.


Termination package options

When you click the link, you will be directed to a page that gives you the option to click on the applicable package to download as a PDF, available in both English and French.  The package you choose should correspond with the type of coverage that was originally offered by your group benefits plan.

New termination instructions

The current termination process instructions on the website will be updated to include an additional bullet point about distributing this benefits termination package to your departing plan member. Be sure to complete the 'Insurance options for plan members on termination of group benefits' form before you send the information.

Watch for the update

The changes to the Plan Sponsor Services website are scheduled to be implemented and functional for you to use on May 27, 2013. This opportunity for continued coverage is important information for plan members, so please be sure to provide the benefits termination package to them.


Please contact your Sun Life group benefits representative.