Effective date of change to Alberta massage therapy claims process now September 1, 2013

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Earlier this month, Sun Life updated you with a Focus Update on the process for massage therapy claims in Alberta.  The communication reminded you and your plan members that beginning May 1, 2013, Sun Life was only recognizing claims for services performed by Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) massage therapy members in good-standing who:

  • have 2,200 hours of formal training, or
  • have successfully completed the Competency Equivalency Exam (CEE).

We will no longer recognize NHPC members who have only completed the Massage Therapy Competency Assessment Process (MTCAP).

Important effective date change

This notice is to let you know that we have extended the time during which we will still accept claims for services of a massage therapist in Alberta who has not yet met one of the above requirements.

We have extended this period until September 1, 2013. This is to allow the NHPC enough time to finish their evaluations of current massage therapy members who are currently completing the CEE examination.  The NHPC will then be able to accurately gather and compile information regarding the massage therapists in Alberta who have successfully completed all of the requirements.

What this means to you and your plan members 

After September 1, 2013, claims for services of a massage therapist in Alberta who belongs to the NHPC will only be considered for reimbursement if that practitioner has the required hours of training, passed the CEE or been grandfathered by the NHPC.

Plan members with practitioners who belong to other associations in Alberta recognized by Sun Life are not affected by this change.  These associations are:

  • London and Counties Society of Physiologists
  • Massage Therapist Association of Alberta (MTAA)
  • Remedial Massage Therapists Association (RMTA)

Next steps

We have attached a plan member communication for you to distribute to your plan members to inform them of this extension of time during which they may still have their claims for massage therapist services in Alberta processed if their therapist is still working to fulfill the requirements.

Plan members should check with their massage therapist to see if they belong to the NHPC (or another association recognized by Sun Life) and will have completed the necessary requirements by September 1, 2013.


Contact your Sun Life Financial group benefits representative.