Changes to your Sun Life administration guide regarding the naming and changing of beneficiaries


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We’re writing to let you know that we have updated the beneficiary section of the Sun Life administration guide for clarification and to provide more details to assist you with plan members’ enquiries related to naming and changing a beneficiary.

The changes include clarification on how a plan member can designate or change a beneficiary using a Sun Life form, or their will.  For all plan members who have named a beneficiary in their will, it is important that such information be recorded by the plan administrator so that at the time of a death claim the will is readily available and can be submitted along with a life claim form. If the beneficiary information is not properly recorded, the claim may not be paid promptly or to the correct beneficiary.

As a reminder, we require the following information to process a death claim:

  • Notification of Death form.
  • Proof of death in the form of a Physician’s statement or an original or certified copy of a provincial death certificate or a funeral director’s statement of death.
  • Election of method of settlement and statement of claim form and
  • The original Enrolment form, any subsequent Beneficiary Nomination forms and a copy of any will that contains a beneficiary designation.
  • For an Optional Life insurance claim, in addition to the above, we require:
    • the original approval notice issued by Sun Life confirming approval of the plan member’s application for Optional Life insurance, and
    • a completed Physician’s statement if death occurs within two years of coverage being approved or if the benefit is more than $250,000 and coverage has been in effect for less than five years.

We have prepared a plan member communication for you to pass on to your employees. 


Contact your Sun Life Financial group benefits representative.