Changes to QPP that impact disability benefits


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Effective January 2013, Quebec’s Bill 39 amended the Act respecting the Quebec Pension Plan and included changes that allow an individual who is in receipt of retirement pension, to apply for an additional disability pension amount.

Converting QPP retirement to QPP disability pension in the event of disability

Currently, if an individual, aged between 60 and 65 and in receipt of a QPP retirement pension, becomes disabled within six months of the first payment date of the retirement pension, they can apply to have the retirement pension switched to a disability pension which is normally a higher amount.  The individual must apply for the disability pension within 18 months from the first date of the retirement pension.

Effective January 2013, individuals who are outside of the six month time limit to change from QPP retirement to QPP disability pension can now apply to receive an additional amount for disability.  If approved, the amount the plan member would receive from QPP would be a combination of retirement and disability pension. 

In order to be eligible for this additional disability pension amount, the plan member must have contributed to the Quebec Pension Plan for at least four of the six years preceding the date of disability.  The additional disability pension is a set monthly amount that is paid to age 65. The amount for 2013 is $453.49 per month.

In these situations, Sun Life will ask the plan member to apply for the additional disability pension.

Sun Life and disability amounts

Standard Sun Life contracts with disability coverage offsets income provided to plan members for the same or subsequent disability. In these situations where the disability coverage allows for the offset of QPP disability pension only, we ask that the plan member:

  • switch their retirement pension to a disability pension, or
  • apply for the additional QPP disability pension amount, dependent upon the situation.


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