Workplace solutions

Financial education and advice to help employees achieve lifetime financial security

Promoting a positive, productive work environment is often top of mind for employers like you. But how do you provide value-added services without increasing your costs or stretching your resources? Sun Life Financial’s Workplace Solutions can help with a variety of financial services that complement your workplace plan and there’s no cost to you or your employees.

Information seminars

Qualified professional advisors deliver valuable information on key financial topics. By learning important principles, employees see the scope of personal financial management. The voluntary sessions are conveniently offered in the workplace, at times and locations to suit you and your employees.

Individual financial consulting

Confidential, individual consultation with a Sun Life Financial advisor offers employees a flexible and personal approach. These sessions also provide an opportunity for the spouse/partner to participate, and can take place at the workplace, the advisor’s office, or the employee’s home.

Termination and retirement services

This service provides more in-depth support for transitioning employees by providing information on the financial aspects of change. Topics include continuing coverage for life, health, dental, etc., transitioning group pension and RRSP money, understanding retirement income options, and managing severance funds.

Specialized services for executives

This program gives your executives access to the services of our team of estate and financial planning specialists. Your key executives will have the opportunity to consult with these specialists and, if needed, receive a comprehensive financial and estate plan that addresses their specific needs and concerns.

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Advice you and your employees can trust

We tailor Workplace Solutions’ services and match the advisor(s) to each client’s specific needs, location and employee demographics. We can accommodate multiple and remote locations, various languages, cultural and gender preferences, and diverse work environments through our network of Sun Life Financial advisors across Canada.

Employees appreciate the support

“I look forward to applying what I learned and gaining control of my finances.”

“I have met with the advisor and now realize I should plan ahead with insurance, wills and other things I did not think of.”

“Great presentation! It was clear, concise, and the advisor was able to explain concepts in basic language.”