Voluntary benefits

Voluntary insurance benefits are additional insurance benefits that you, as an employer have the opportunity to offer to your employees – at no cost to you and with little additional administration.

In a competitive marketplace where it’s a challenge attracting and retaining talented people, a benefits package that includes voluntary insurance benefits can help.

When your employee chooses one of these benefits, they pay the cost – not you – often through a payroll-deduction plan. As costs rise and organizations reduce the benefits they offer, employers and employees alike are looking for cost-effective alternatives. Voluntary insurance benefits provide solutions that work for both of you.

Voluntary insurance benefits are an opportunity to show employees you care. Employees can take advantage of your group buying power and obtain additional insurance coverage at rates better than they could get on their own – from Canada’s leading benefits provider. And, your buying power allows your employees to get some of their coverage without answering any health questions – again, something they can’t get on their own.

Helping you get the message out
Our voluntary benefits team works closely with you to better understand your organizations’ needs. To get the message to your employees, we can provide customized enrolment kits, including personalized rates and plan-specific details. This helps ensure employees get the information they need to make an informed decision.

Since the message about these benefits comes from you, your employees know you have their best interest at heart. Your employees have the power to get coverage for them and their families – at affordable rates only group coverage can offer. This can help build stronger relationships between you and your employees.

And, these benefits aren’t lost if a member leaves your group plan. Continuing coverage of each of our optional benefits can be purchased by your employees within the first month they leave your group benefits plan.

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