Healthcare fraud management has played an increasingly important role in helping to contain costs under group benefits plans. More and more, plan sponsors turn to Sun Life for solutions to manage the risk of fraud on their plans. In response, Sun Life:

  • invests in some of the most progressive and innovative technology, tools and resources in the industry to combat ever evolving fraud schemes;
  • takes a proactive approach to fraud awareness and education to help plan sponsors understand the recent trends and to address areas of concern relating to fraud and abuse; and,
  • ensure an effective fraud team is in place to provide the right protection against and response to the multiple risks threatening group benefits plans.

Plan Sponsors, plan members and Sun Life all have roles to play in preserving the integrity of a benefits plan. We provide our plan sponsors with the information and resources to help keep them updated on the latest fraud trends, evolving schemes and the multiple solutions in place to combat these very real risks.

For more information about Sun Life’s fraud management solutions, visit or contact your group benefits representative.



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