Life Insurance/AD&D

When Jill's husband, Ted, drowned while on a canoe trip, she wasn't sure how she would pay for all the arrangements that needed to be made, as well as pay off their outstanding debts. However, because Ted was covered under his employer's group life insurance plan, she received benefits as his beneficiary. And because his death was due to an accident, she received further benefits because accidental death & dismemberment insurance was part of his group benefits plan. Even though it was a distressing time, Jill felt that having the funds to take care of her financial needs gave her one less thing to worry about.

Life Insurance provides your plan members with assurance that their families will be taken care of should they die suddenly or after a prolonged illness. The Life Insurance benefit is most often based on a multiple of the plan member's earnings. However, depending on the plan sponsor's wishes, the benefit may also be a flat amount or a combination of an earnings multiple and a flat amount.

In addition to basic amounts of Life Insurance, we offer additional coverage such as Optional and Dependent Life Insurance. Medical evidence of insurability may be required for some coverages.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance is an additional benefit that can be sold in conjunction with Life Insurance coverage. The amount of coverage is usually equal to the amount of Life Insurance selected by the plan member. It provides plan members and/or their families with additional benefits should the plan members die, lose a limb, become paralyzed, or lose their hearing, speech or sight as a result of an accident.

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