International Benefit Solutions

Sun Life Financial’s International Benefit Solutions are designed to help ensure that employees working abroad of multinational employers get the protection they need, where they need it. We’re also here to assist global employers in gaining more control over their benefit programs around the world.

If you are a multinational employer with employees in more than one country, we can help you tailor a benefits solution to meet your particular needs depending on the situation.

  • If you are based in Canada and have 2 to 24 employees working in the United States, see our North2South Benefits Solution™
  • If you are a Canadian employer with employees who have recently arrived or returned to Canada, our Inpatriate Health Plan can cover them during the waiting period for government sponsored health coverage.
  • If you have employees in both Canada and the United States, Cross-border benefits solution can provide a joint solution to cover all members in a cost effective manner.
  • If you’re a global employer with benefit plans in various countries, we offer specialized Multinational pooling solutions through our participation in the Generali Employee Benefits Network.
  • Global2Go - for Canadian employers with expatriate employees around the world.