Inpatriate Health Plan

The Sun Life Financial Inpatriate Health Plan provides employees and their dependents who have recently arrived in or returned to Canada a basic health care solution until they satisfy the waiting period for government sponsored health care coverage. And, once covered under this plan, it helps them meet the eligibility requirements for extended health care coverage under their Sun Life Financial group benefits plan.

Who is eligible for coverage?

To be eligible for coverage your employee must:

  • be actively at work,
  • be living in Canada,
  • be less than 75 years of age,
  • not currently have coverage under any government sponsored health care plan or comparable coverage.

A spouse and dependent children can also be covered by the Inpatriate Health Plan while they are waiting for government sponsored health care coverage.

What does the Inpatriate Health Plan cover?

The overall lifetime maximum per insured person is $1,000,000, while the annual maximum is $500,000 per insured person. The cost for each service is based on the services provided by the government sponsored health care plan in the employee’s province or territory of residence, unless stated otherwise.