Integrated Health Solutions

Integrated Health Solutions (IHS) offers complete support to address employee physical, mental and financial health needs. We look at the bigger picture, making the connections between health and your business so you can focus on your most important needs and priorities. Through a strategic approach to health and absences, and a comprehensive service offering to support organizational and employee health, we help employers meet the needs of today and build a healthier future.

About IHS

Learn about our vision and how we can support you to achieve your organization’s health needs.

Knowledge and insights

Read about the insights of our thought leaders and the research we’ve done on healthy organizations.

The team

Meet the people that lead our IHS initiatives and who support your organization’s strategy for a healthier workplace.

Workplace Mental Health

How can IHS help you with mental health in the workplace.

My Story Videos

These video resources explore the many different aspects of health and how they relate to you.