Industry leading innovation 

Our new FastForward Claims Solutions process involves a combination of several innovative technologies working together to virtually transform the way in which paper claims will be processed in 2010 and beyond. With the use of technologies including imaging and data lift technology using Optical Character Recognition, plan members’ paper health and dental claims will be processed faster, more accurately and efficiently than ever!

What’s in it for clients?

Just a few of the benefits that FastForward Claims Solutions brings to our clients include: 

  • Immediate imaging and registration of claims allows for more efficient tracking status so we can respond to member inquiries
  •  Improves controls over management of paper claims (e.g., confidentiality, misplaced claims, etc.)
  • Continued improvement in our claims turnaround time due to our ability to leverage greater capacity when work volumes demand it
  • Reduced errors (improvement of more than 25%) in data entry through the data lift capability
  • An additional tool in helping to detect potential fraud


The implementation of FastForward has already commenced and will continue to be rolled out more broadly throughout 2010.                      

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Watch the trailer video

Click here for a 1 minute overview of what this processing technology will do.

More about FastForward

To understand more about FastForward Claims Solutions capabilities click here to watch the longer video.

Did you know?

Sun Life receives an average of 10,000,000 claims in a year in Canada. 

That amount of paper equals:

1,736.1 miles
This would make an end-to-end paper trail stretching roughly the distance between Ottawa and Calgary!

55.2 tons
That would be the weight of more than 6 elephants!

3,630 ft  
That is almost twice the height of the CN Tower!

These claims were processed almost completely on a manual basis in the past. Not any longer!