About IHS

Sun Life’s Integrated Health Solutions (IHS) provides your organization with strategic workplace health guidance and support. Through a strategic and targeted approach, Sun Life’s IHS team partners with you to drive towards outcomes such as measurable employee health improvements, more efficient disability management practices, and reduced claims volumes and costs.

IHS consultants guide you through a best practice 3-step model:

3-Step Model


We start by helping you evaluate your current state in order to highlight your workplace health risks and opportunities. Our goal is to give you an integrated and comprehensive view of your organization’s health picture, from prevention to absence to return-to-work.

We offer two core evaluation services:

  • Integrated Health Insights Report - A comprehensive, integrated analysis of your employee and organizational health data. This report shares insights on key areas of strength and concern and provides an in-depth look at the data behind these insights.
  • Organizational Assessments - Provides both qualitative and quantitative insights relating to workplace mental health, health and wellness, organizational health, and disability management.


Armed with the insights gathered through the evaluation phase, we can guide you through detailed planning to support your objectives. This support is unique to each Client, which means we will scope the work based on your objectives, needs and requirements.


Working together, we can help you make organizational-level changes to foster a healthy workplace culture and implement employee-level support such as prevention programs and digital health solutions. Your IHS team continues to be your guide through this process, helping you with best practices and integrating program learnings into reporting and planning.