Office Overhead Expense (OOE) Insurance

What if someone’s sole source of income comes from owning and operating his/her own business? Now, what if this member becomes disabled suddenly due to an accident or illness? How would his/her business continue to run? In this case, LTD insurance may not be enough. Money may also be needed to help keep the business running until he/she recovers and can return to work. Our OOE insurance plan will provide reimbursement for incurred expenses such as rent, salaries, utilities, leased or rented equipment, and other eligible expenses which are normal and customary in the operation of a business. With this insurance, the business owner can concentrate on recovery rather than worry about the financial stability of the business orhow he/she is going to pay others' salaries.

OOE insurance is purchased along with LTD insurance.

Does your group have an OOE Insurance plan?