Critical Illness Insurance

Achieving financial independence is one of the main benefits of a sound financial plan; but, do your members have resources in their financial plans that would help them, should they suffer a critical illness? Critical Illness insurance pays a one-time lump sum payment if an insured individual is diagnosed with a critical illness that is covered under the plan. When someone is unable to work because of a disability, disability insurance payments help to pay for everyday expenses. However, these benefits may not provide enough money to pay for some of the massive, one-time costs often associated with a critical illness. The lump sum payment provided by our Critical Illness coverage is paid even when recovery is complete. Payment can be used for anything the member wishes such as, alterations to the family home to make it wheelchair-accessible, paying off debts, special diets, a holiday to recuperate, or seeking alternate medical care.

Does your group have a Critical Illness plan?